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Who We Are


iChat is excited to be one of the lead sponsors in the Andy Smith Wellness Initiative, a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on the safety and wellness of our children and teens. Through this program we will assist in the dismantling of the risk factors that lead to bullying and suicide. The ASWI is dedicated to protecting, educating, and rescuing our youth. We believe through this Social App, the future of our children will be made safe and secure.



iChat was formed November 2021. The development of this App began when we saw the need for a safe place for our children. Our desire was to create an environment that allowed children to enjoy engaging other children online without the fear of being approached by predators. This safe place also encourages parents that we are concerned about the online safety of all children.



Because of the daily changes in the current Social Media Industry, iChat is dedicated to remaining traditional in our approach to providing a comfortable, non-challenging environment for those who are not familiar with the changes of technology. We also provide a modern, user-friendly experience which makes navigating through the app easy for all ages.


We are excited because iChat will offer a 2-factor authentication which allows parents to have sole control over their children’s account. Secondly, we offer a time-based login which also allows parents to log their children out of app. We offer two logins for iChat Global Network, one for adults and one for kids. Our subscribers will also be able to create their own customized profiles, personal posts with pictures, video, and content upload much like our competitors.



iChat Global Network is a home for all people. We are targeting Families, Children, and all Organizations. We are determined to create an meeting for our globe at large.


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