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Welcome To The iChat Global Network World!

In a time where social media is one of the leading voices in our, there is always an opportunity to live from the future! iChat Global Network is the next largest Social Media App that will focus on the traditions of family, protection of our children and engagement into the future! We have implemented a 2-factor authorization for parents to monitor the profiles of their children! This means the opportunity for predators and bullies to engage your children has been blocked! The protection of our babies is our top priority.

The world is changing right before our eyes. We've seen mass distraction with the addition of destruction in our world. In a day where social media is 85% of the consumption of our day, it is vitally important that we align with the times. We are proud to announce that we have developed a tool of engagement that will not only serve as an advancement for our children but also a form of protection from bullying, predators and our negatives influences that plague the environments of our children.

We introduce you to #iChat4Kidz! iChat 4Kidz is a Social Media App that will allow our kids to have a safe place to meet other children from across the world, have a safe place for counseling and mentorship for those who may not feel comfortable sharing their fears and failures with others, (The Safety Zone) & so many educational avenues that will help propel our children in the world of social technology.

Over the next few days, you'll begin seeing more and more about the app! One of the amazing features is that it has a 2-factor authentication as one of our leading security measures which means the children won't be able to access without the approval of the parents. We want pare

nts to understand that we are serious about protecting our children. We will not offer messenger for children, but we have a tool called CIRCLE OF FRIENDS! Circle of Friends is our new video app where parents can fully monitor who their children are growing to know. Whether it be casual conversations, mentoring or tutoring, you will be able to see everything that's going on.

We have created a safe place for our children to grow and socialize with other children from across the world! iChat Global focuses on ages 4-14! We're talking- #KidzChatRoom We're talking an #InteractiveColoringBooks #Games and more! Most of all...NO BULLIES! NO PREDATORS!

The safety & security measures we are taking are second to none!

#iChat4Kidz is creating a #SAFETYZONE for kidz who need someone to talk to about the challenges of life, fears and more! We are building a team of #counselors and qualified #safetycoaches that ready to join the journey of building the confidence and strength of our children!



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PHONE/TEXT: 318.331.3304


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